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mobili'été Grand Annecy autour du lac

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Park &

To avoid traffic jams, leave your car in one of the parking lots. Seasonal Park & Ride parking lots are free and allow you to continue by bus or bike!

Getting around
the lake

Using the self-service bikes
(1,5€ for the 1st hour)

Electric bikes

200 electric bikes are available 7 days a week in the 10 Vélonecy 60min bike stations spread out around the lake. Perfect for all your short, daily commutes.

Vélonecy 60min video tutorial

If you’re looking for a long-term rental, you’ll find 30+ rental shops!

bike rental companies

Getting around the lake by bus
(it’s free!)

"Lake" bus

The 2 “lake” bus routes take you to the various beaches around the lake. Buses run every 30 minutes until 11pm!

L1 L2 + regular bus routes 51 52 61 62

"Village" bus

The 3 “village” bus routes are great for all short distance trips. Buses run every 40 minutes!

V1 Sévrier    V2 Saint-Jorioz    V3 Menthon > Bluffy

Cruising the lake
by boat (it’s quick)

Lake Annecy Express

The Lake Annecy Express boat routes are a cheap way to go straight from Annecy to all the lakeside villages by boat!

Lake Annecy Express

Boating company

Navibus, Lake Annecy’s boating company, allows you to board with your bike and serves all of the lake’s ports. It also provides a direct crossing from Annecy to Doussard.